We are sisters - Zhvanias, but our family name can be spelled in English in two ways - Zhvania and Jvania. We received our passports in different years and different coworkers of Ministry of Justice of Georgia had used different spellings. So in all official documents Nino is mentioned as Jvania and Tamar - as Zhvania. Maybe that's why it took quite long to get together as a Piano Duo. And maybe that's why we still perform so much as soloists... :)

    We enjoy performing together. Each of us has been playing piano since the age of 5 succeeding as solo pianists. Although we are sisters our interests and repertoires differ from each other (like spellings of our surname :). While Nino has achieved her success playing mostly music of 20th and 21st century including the daring pieces of modern spirit, Tamar prefers baroque and classical composers.

    Feeling each other with the help of "sisters' links" we are able to combine these different interpretational experiences and to offer to public a miscellaneous show - a concert consisting of solo and duo piano music, combining many significant musical achievements of music history (beginning from the baroque music up to some theatrical piano pieces by Stockhausen). In these concerts we try to unite the music of different époques in one piano recital where music is not divided into "modern" or "classical", "solo" or "piano duo" music. Each of such a piano event like a stage play is based upon its own dramaturgy  - enriched with some theatrical elements and determined by one specific theme: "Dance-fantasy", "Piano Sounds", "Piano Music of XX Century for 2 and 4 Hands"...

    We enjoy playing piano and hope you will enjoy listening to us!